Past Years


Kurdistan Health Summit 2019 took place last year from the 20th – 22nd of April 2019 in Rotana Hotel, Erbil.
The Summit was 3 days event where panels about problems facing the medical community such as the Quality of Health Services, The Primary Healthcare and Chronic Diseases, Pharmaceutical Industry Management Strategy, Cancer Control Strategy, and Health Information Management and Research, were discussed by foreign panelists, doctors, health workers, influencers and main stakeholders in the region bringing a better understanding of the current and the future obstacles in the medical community and system, their management and available solutions.
The impact of KHS2019 was mainly the spread of awareness and finding common ground to solve challenges on both professional and social level in the medical departments. It brought beneficial discussions, and fruitful outcomes of the topics discussed.

Kurdistan Health Summit 2020 will have the essential cores of KHS 2019 however will be different in the conduction and involvement.
KHS2020 will include Pre-Kurdistan Health Summit, KHS Startup to immediately start the influence of Kurdistan Health Summit. KHS 2020 will also extend its horizon of departments where it will include not only the medical department but pharmacy, dentistry, nursing, Peshmerga Health, IDPs and Refugee Health, veterinary and many other departments for a bigger and more diverse picture. KHS2020 will also include KHS Award of the Year. Logistical aspects will change as well such as the location, the date, the number of topics discussed, the number of volunteers and activities involved.

All the videos of the Kurdistan Health Summit 2019 Opening ceremony as well as all the Panels can be found in the Kurdistan Health Summit channel in as in the following link:


Kurdistan Health Summit 2020, unfortunately couldn’t be taken place due to the spread of the new corona virus, Covid-19 Pandemic crises in the country and around the world.

The whole plan topics, panels, exhibition, startups and all preparations had been postponed to the next year 2021.

KHS 2020