October 2nd – 4th, 2021 3 Days, 218 speakers, 37 sessions, 2 workshops and around 1000 participants On-site & Online

Kurdistan Health Summit (KHS) is a Summit that is dedicated to discuss healthcare issues in the Kurdistan region of Iraq specifically and Iraq in a broader spectrum.

About Kurdistan Health Summit

Kurdistan health summit is one of the leading health forums of Kurdistan region of Iraq held annually in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan autonomous region of Iraq. Bringing together leaders from Science, Medicine and the Civil Community. Kurdistan Health Summit gathers over 200 national and international speakers to present inspiring talks.

Scientists & Medical Professionals

Ministers & Civil Servants

Officials of Organizations

Young Professionals & Students

The goals behind Kurdistan Health Summit primarily are

  • Developing an Iraqi and Kurdish network of academic health science centres, and bringing together universities and healthcare providers.
  • Finding answers to major health challenges.
  • Setting national health agendas.
  • Help define the future of medicine research and healthcare in Iraq.
  • Facilitation of taking action by dialogue of the major influencers of the health department.
  • Addressing objectives of the medical field and duties of the medical staff.

“This year’s KHS - with stronger planning and broader horizons - will act to reach an impact prior, during and after the summit” – president of AVI Organization

Founded in 2018, KHS was brought by AVI Organization for Health Awareness and Development. AVI Organization is a non-profit and non-governmental organization focused on raising public awareness on health issues present in the society as well as building a developed health sector based on every great measure and standard.

KHS 2019

Kurdistan Health Summit 2019 took place last year from the 20th – 22nd of April 2019 in Rotana Hotel, Erbil...