Kurdistan Health Summit is continuously looking for general sponsors and project-based partners, striving to ensure that they reflect the vision of the organization in action.

Become a sponsor of the healthcare pioneering event in planning and implementing change for a better community health. By sponsoring Kurdistan Health Summit 2021, rights of sponsorships depending on the agreed kit will be fixed and the sponsor will be a part of the evolutionary healthcare shift in Kurdistan and Iraq. KHS is proud to present the Sponsorship Kit of KHS2021. It contains comprehensive lists of sponsorship opportunities and benefits as well as some background information about AVI Org. If you wish to contribute and become a sponsor and/or Media sponsor and/or participating in the KHS2021 Exhibition of Kurdistan Health Summit, please get in touch: [email protected]

KHS does not only invite potential sponsors to be involved in Kurdistan Health Summit but furthermore accepts partners who will help bring better impact of the summit. Partnering with Kurdistan Health Summit Will be defined by the type of the partnering party and the support provided:

  1. Sponsoring partners
  2. Academic partners
  3. General partners
  4. Support Partners
  5. Civil society and associations partners
  6. Media Partners
Sponsoring partners

Parties who wish to partner through this mean must accordingly be able to help AVI Org implement the agendas and decisions of the summit.

Academic partners

AVI Org generously invites academic parties, Universities and institutions to take part of Kurdistan health summit in delivering the awareness to the younger generation of future doctors and health staff.

General partners

General partners of AVI Org can be a part of any industrial style, marketing, publishing and so on of the community influencing companies, organization and corporates.

Support Partners

Sponsors of this category must be able to provide support logistically and actively.

Civil society and associations partners

local and international, Civil society and associations, can be a part of the Kurdistan health summit event, who has the same aims, mission and vision of the summit.

Media Partners

Sponsors of this category must be able to provide TV channel broadcasting, publication Social Media publications.