Physician leader

KHS Award of the year: every year in KHS a physician leader will be awarded by the KHS Award of the year for his leadership, health awareness activity, and health development in the country. The physician leader could be at any specialty, at any level of education and management. The leader will be chosen based on some criteria that will be decided by the Kurdistan health summit board and scientific committee.

Health Initiative and startups

KHS Startup: is a health entrepreneurial venture in search for health-project concepts that are feasible implement to improve healthcare in the region. Runner up applications for KHS Startup will be published in February of 2021, after closure, applications will be shortlisted in March and only of the concepts will be chosen by the KHS scientific committee. The chosen concept will be announced in the Kurdistan Health Summit 2021 and will be funded by AVI organization for implementation.

Health voices

Health voices: Alongside our panels, seminars, and workshops, we also provide a session called Health voices. We have gathered some of our national health Pioneers who will be talking about their inspirational stories on overcoming their challenges in their careers or private lives and how they made an impact on the community. This part of the event is dedicated to our role-model health providers with their fascinating stories that will serve as a motivation for the audience and our new medics generation. This is a chance for us to appreciate their efforts and get motivated to implement their ideas in our own lives.
To apply to Doctor’s talk, please email us through: [email protected]