KHS 2021

What is Kurdistan Health Summit (KHS)?

Kurdistan Health Summit (KHS) is a Summit that is dedicated to discuss healthcare issues in the Kurdistan region of Iraq specifically and Iraq in a broader spectrum. It is brought to action by AVI organization to gather the pillars of the healthcare in the community and healthcare leaders to provide better understanding and discussions about current- day problems of health in the region and the country overall. And that is to bring better solutions.

KHS is regarded as the main and most influential health event that will be taking place in the Kurdistan region, and Iraq as well.It’s the most superior event over all other health events that have been taking place in the Kurdistan region. More than 1000 physicians, health professionals and related experts from in and outside the country had participated to the KHS-2019 event. KHS 2021 will however serve the same goals but in a broader sense that includes other aspects of the medical community including pharmacy, dentistry, nursing and veterinary healthcare departments. KHS2021 will extend its impact to have an influence before, during and after the summit. The opening <<<<<<< HEAD ceremony will take place in the Rotana Hotel Conference Hall on the 2 nd of October 2021 and ======= ceremony will take place in the Rotana Hotel Hall on the 2 nd of October 2021 and >>>>>>> 81dd0a4f8c3224ea9f7f494a385ed4cd4321cf53 will last for three days until the 4 th of October where panels, seminars and workshops will be taking place. Health voices as part of the summit will be a new platform of discussion addressing hot urgent issues whose awareness must be spread. The closing ceremony on the 4 th of October will end KHS 2021 after days of productively orchestrated programs to bring out the best impact. The Body of the Summit: The summit takes 3 days from the 2 nd – 4 th of October. All the Summit <<<<<<< HEAD events will be held in Rotana Hotel Conference Hall in Erbil- Iraq. The opening ceremony of the ======= events will be held in Rotana Hotel Hall in Erbil- Iraq. The opening ceremony of the >>>>>>> 81dd0a4f8c3224ea9f7f494a385ed4cd4321cf53 KHS will be launched by the 2 nd of October 2021.

On the first, second and third day of the Summit, there will be panels, seminars, workshops, advocacy activities and networking sessions to talk about major health issues that people are facing in Iraq in general and in Kurdistan region specifically, with participation of local and foreign physicians, health professionals, policy-makers in the ministry of health from different countries around the world.

Pre-KHS2021: on 27 th -28 th Jan. 2021, the very first pre-KHS 2021 was held in Erbil-Rotana Hotel. Pre-KHS 2021 was held under the theme of COVID-19 Vaccination strategy in Iraq under strict Covid-19 precaution restrictions. It gathered expertise from the government, WHO, and other national and international organizations, to discuss, get prepared and put a strategy for COVID-19 Vaccination through four major panels and seminars. At the end the conference recommendations were handed to the Kurdistan Parliament and KRG-Ministry of health and other relevant sectors.

KHS Startup: is a health entrepreneurial venture in search for health-project concepts that are feasible to implement improve healthcare in the region. Only the concepts that are suitable and realistic will be chosen by the KHS scientific committee. The chosen concept will be announced in the Kurdistan Health Summit 2021 and will be funded by AVI organization for implementation.

KHS2021 Exhibition:  will also be an opportunity for the sponsors, participants, doctors and attendees to be introduced to other aspects of the health sector in an exhibition including medical equipment companies, hospitals, labs, pharmaceutical companies and further more for the preview of their work, items, and achievements.

Health voices: Alongside our panels, seminars, and workshops, we also provide a session called Health voices. We have gathered some of our national health Pioneers who will be talking about their inspirational stories on overcoming their challenges in their careers or private lives and how they made an impact on the community. This part of the event is dedicated to our role-model health providers with their fascinating stories that will serve as a motivation for the audience and our new medics generation. This is a chance for us to appreciate their efforts and get motivated to implement their ideas in our own lives.

The Closing Ceremony: The KHS closing ceremony will be on 4 th of October 2021 and consists of KHS Startup Competition Award, KHS Award of the year: Criteria Announcement, Impact of the Summit, follow-Up, and recommendation, certifications for the panelists as well as the participants and a social program event as a parting tradition.

Central topics

Health in education: Schools and Medical universities play a huge role in knowing the importance of healthy living and practicing medicine as a profession. We focus on education to raise a healthy and aware generation.

Medical laws: There are some questions that need to be asked such as ethical on the relationship between physicians and pharmaceutical companies, the safety of doctors in their work environment and the rights of the patients.

Research: We take great importance on scientific studies and research. In fact, that is how the idea for the need of a database for patient data collection came from. Data is important for evidence based health management and Iraq has a gap of that. We will talk about which gaps there are and about a solution.

Environmental issues: The environment should not get impacted by our medical waste products. We want to focus and highlight how we can avoid that.

Development of health system for professionals and patients: In order to provide the best health care services, we need to obtain a safe and clean environment for both patients and healthcare professionals. There are many factors that can affect our physical and psychological well-being such as bad communication between the doctor and the patient or ill behavior amongst the doctors.

Health insurance: Many developed countries provide health insurance for their people. What are the challenges to implement a system that provides insurance? We will focus on that topic in detail.

Patient as a priority: Many political decisions can be made without reasoning. It is time for us to talk about our priority, which is the health of the people. We gather decision-makers and put light on the gaps in the health care system and how we can diagnose, treat and also screen more efficiently for the health of our people.

Lessons from the covid-19 pandemic: The pandemic has taken a toll on all of us and we will be discussing on the lessons and the challenges yet to come.

Food safety: Foodborne illness and injury is very common in developing countries. Through the proper preparation, handling and storage of the products and produces we can avoid illnesses caused by pathogens such as Clostridium perfringens, Salmonella, Campylobacter and many more.
In one of our panels there will be a discussion about the regulation of food safety in KRG and the steps to improve that.

Other topics you may find in KHS are:

  • Public Health
  • Health System
  • Gender Equity among Healthcare Professionals
  • Women & Children health
  • Pharmacy
  • Dentistry
  • Nursing
  • Environment
  • Food Safety
  • Veterinary
  • Cancer
  • Peshmerga Health
  • Research & Development
  • Health Unions, Societies, & Non-Governmental Health Actors
  • IDP & Refuges’ Health

Speakers of KHS 2021

If you are a scientist, medical professional medical staff, a doctor, a dentist, a nurse, or a laboratory or radiological health worker or a young profession and student in one of the above mentioned departments, or a member of one of the civil society and associations, and would like to share your opinion on the specific topics that will be discussed and worked on in the KHS 2021, you can participate and apply to be one of the speaker or panelist, in the KHS 2021 panels and workshops. You can register on the page 'How to participate'. The list of panelists and speakers will be shared here soon.


We believe that bringing together the right people accelerates our vision of a better health system. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we appreciate those who are ready to be with us in-person following the prevention regulations. These encounters will lead to new partnerships, ideas and collaborations.

Since we are gathering many people together and are opening the doors to new opportunities in the country, we also take great responsibility to protecting the environment and act sustainably. We are always seeking ways to limit Carbon emissions, while still having fruitful discussions and have a positive impact that will change future decisions.

Emission reduction project: We will estimate carbon emissions from speakers’ flights to the Kurdistan Health Summit 2021 and calculate how many trees need to be planted for each person.

Barcode publications: We will be using barcodes for most of our publications and publishing rather actually printing them, and this will save around 100,000 papers to be printed and by this we will be saving 10 trees with hardwood cord.

Reusable bottles instead of plastic bottles: We will provide our participants with a goodie-bag. One of the presents will be a reusable bottle in order to re-fill that and not use plastic bottles that damage our environment.

Partners and Sponsors

Kurdistan Health Summit is continuously looking for general sponsors and project- based partners, striving to ensure that they reflect the vision of the organization in action.
Become a sponsor of the healthcare pioneering event in planning and implementing change for a better community health. By sponsoring Kurdistan Health Summit 2021, rights of sponsorships depending on the agreed kit will be fixed and the sponsor will be a part of the evolutionary healthcare shift in Kurdistan and Iraq. KHS is proud to present the Sponsorship Kit of KHS2021. It contains comprehensive lists of sponsorship opportunities and benefits as well as some background information about AVI Org. If you wish to contribute and become a sponsor and/or Media sponsor and/or participating in the KHS2021 Exhibition of Kurdistan Health Summit, please get in touch: [email protected]