Vision and goals

The Kurdistan Health Summit aims to improve health all over Iraq, catalyzing that process through collaboration and open dialogue, and steering tomorrow’s agenda to improve research, education, healthcare, and policy outcomes.

It brings together researchers, physicians, key government officials, and representatives from industry as well as from NGOs, Peshmerga and healthcare systems all over the world to address the most pressing issues facing every facet of healthcare and medicine in Iraqi people’s daily life.

The KHS will be improving global health through pursuit of six strategic goals:
  1. Developing an Iraqi and Kurdistan network of academic health science centers, and bringing together universities and healthcare providers.
  2. Facilitating dialogue through the KHS across an Iraqi network of stakeholders who are engaged with academic health science centers. These stakeholders include (among others) individuals and institutions active in government, industry and commerce, inter-governmental agencies, healthcare providers, academies of medicine and science, professional associations and the media.
  3. Setting an agenda for Iraqi health improvement by addressing issues of interest to academic health science centers, and conveying findings and recommendations based on scientific evidence through the generation of key statements.
  4. Positioning the AVI health Organization an authoritative, credible and respected influence when it comes to decision-making in Kurdistan health;
  5. Help define the future of medicine in Iraq, research, and healthcare
  6. Find answers to major health challenges – both today and tomorrow and make recommendations and set health agendas in Iraq in general and in Kurdistan specifically.

KHS Key issues

The Kurdistan Health Summit promotes a science-driven and broad approach to Iraq and Kurdistan region health development with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at its core. Our key issues are therefore interdisciplinary, science-based, cross-sectoral, and concerted. They are vital to set the Iraq health agenda for the years to come. Because health is more than medicine and health is a human right.

  • Public Health
  • Health System
  • Gender Equity among Healthcare Professionals
  • Women & Children health
  • Pharmacy
  • Dentistry
  • Nursing
  • Environment
  • Food Safety
  • Veterinary
  • Cancer
  • Peshmerga Health
  • Research & Development
  • Health Unions, Societies, & Non-Governmental Health Actors
  • IDP & Refuges’ Health
  • Academic Health Education

KHS Code of conduct

AVI Org. Believes that the implementation and success of its projects is dependent on ethics and attitudes therefore introduces the code of conduct though which the summit will be conducted. The code will ensure the safety and compliance of staff and attendees with the mentioned rules below. The code will include professional, ethical and executive aspects. AVI Org. requires all attendees and staff to adhere to this code of conduct.


All staff of AVI, Partners, Volunteers, Organizers, Sponsors, Attendees, Panelists and all whom related to the conduction, implementation and follow up of Kurdistan Health Summit will abide to the contents of this code.

2. Respect

ALL who are present in the summit must maintain ultimate respect to other attendees and organizers of KHS regardless of their ethnicity, background, language, religion…etc KHS holders will practice respect to the dignity of the present participants and will not tolerate any form of harassment, discrimination or abuse, verbal or/and physical.

1. Integrity, Honesty and Personal Behavior

AVI will oversee the behavior of all participants abiding honesty and maintaining integrity and transparency with respect to the behavior of others and their personal details.

1. Professionalism

Anyone present in KHS shall try upholding their duties and fulfill their responsibilities to the highest standards to achieve a professional participation and execution.

1. Inclusion

AVI calls upon everyone to participate and to be a part of this important event with all respect and facilitation to the participants.

1. Dress Code

We encourage everyone to dress accordingly and formally for the event

Team and contact

Kurdistan Health Summit

AVI organization
MRF A2, 1st Floor, Apartment No. 2
Phone number: +964 750 226 2992
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]


For more information, please contact: [email protected]


For more information, please contact: [email protected]


Dr. Fattah

Position: Scientific committee director
Phone number: 0770 191 4127

[email protected]

Dr. Rebin

Position: Program director
Phone number: 0750 454 3972

[email protected]

Dr. Rawand

Position: Public Relations Director
Phone number: 0750 499 3816

[email protected]

Dr. Aras

Position: President
Phone number: 0750 442 1462

[email protected]
[email protected]

Dr. Mateen

Position: Managing director
Phone number: 0750 440 1065

[email protected]
[email protected]

Kovan H Faeq

Position: Director of operations
Phone number: 0750 436 7282

[email protected]
[email protected]

Dr. Goshan Karadaghi

Position: International Relations
Phone number: 0772 340 0214

[email protected]

Dr. Kanar Fadhil

Position: Member of Scientific board
Phone number: 0770 404 1982

[email protected]